The future of private mail services.

The existing mail service providers in Germany are well established and have become very successful with their smart structures. The task is to increase awareness and enhance cooperation and networking. There is no need to cause any displacement struggle, because the market is huge and the "yellow giant" has still a lot of potential customers. Media presence, regional strength and great identification with very personal service make the difference to the "big yellow". The care of delivery and tracking, can clearly not be emphasized enough. For business customers of private mail service providers, their individual wishes can be realized without these customers have to submit to a complex, expensive and sometimes incomprehensible rules. In a time in which there is everything "online" all the major service providers hide behind computer prompts and impersonal call centers, the private mail services and their handling of the "goods" letter and the associated delivery addresses are very special. Mailings that are actually delivered, the addresses are carefully researched and other unique opportunities that the "private" offer their customers, provide greater success for each action.

Who is Postado?

Holder of Postado is our printing plant which is specialized in the production of stamps and first-day-cards. Our own graphics department - in close cooperation with two advertising agencies - provides customers all the opportunities to implement their individual claims for stamps and we offer access to experienced professionals who know exactly what is appropriate and possible, so that e.g. subsequent validating works or the subject isn´t too small. Using the right materials in connection with the motives or the purpose, are an important feature of our company's success. Beyond the key tasks, it has quickly evolved to expand the range of services from simple printing services on mailboxes, stamp automates and other needs for many mail services. As a major purchaser for many mail service providers Postado forwards the favorable purchasing conditions to it´s customers. The quality and performance of the suppliers have been approved and therefore already proved to result in the best for both sides. Consulting, marketing and structural advice provide a better market presence, greater awareness and acceptance; production recommendations provide additional sources of revenue in addition to the letter transport. Therefore Postado has experienced consultants under contract, whose expertise could already benefit many. The portfolio of Postado includes: Stamps first-day-cards, binders, wet- or self-adhesive labels, printed matter of all kinds, e.g. annual reports, design, letter boxes, letter stencil rulers, postage stamps, postmarks and stamp vending machines, sorting shelves, gathering pockets, etc., marketing, structuring advice and consulting. As this list is constantly expanding and always new products are developed, as the claims of letter services grow further, you simply should contact us with every request. Inclusion on our email list ensures timeliness.


At the moment, the legal situation is still unclear and acceptance even in very open-minded people is low that no one needs to panic. In addition, the costs for the client and the print-service are very high, if the consumer has accepted the question in the near future. E-mail is to observe and then to respond with strategic developments.