Learn to create your stamp

The production of stamps is subject to certain tolerances. We try to keep this as low as possible. But some variation in the production can not be ruled out because paper is a natural material, and is therefore subject to dimensional inaccuracies. That´s why, it is necessary to keep this discrepancies in mind during the creation of the print data. This is done by creating a so-called bleed, in the case of a postage stamp probably better called "punch-adding". For stamps, which will be printed to the edge, we recommend to enlarge the motif around 1.5mm above the actual edge of the stamp. Text and layout elements that may not be cut, should be placed with a distance of 1.5mm within the stamp format. Stamps with white borders, should be equally applied with 1.5 mm spacing inside the final format of the stamp.

Standard format 44,8x30,8mm
advices for stamp production
Distances and tolerancies
advices for stamp production

Advices for your stamp sheet design

For the creation of a self-adhesive stamp block with our standard sizes, the positions of the individual stamps have to be adapted to the die. The following is an example of a 2x5 stamp sheet with dimensions of 125mm x 204mm. The position of the 2x5 block inside the paper is freely selectable (5mm minimum distance to page edges). But the distances between the individual stamps to each other cannot be changed. Stamps in upright format must be rotated by 90 °.

Example of a (self-adhesive) stamp block
stamp block